Four Tips on Protecting Yourself from Job Application Fraud

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Whether you’re looking for your first job or a new opportunity, Cummins wants to help keep you safe from scams that try to take advantage of job seekers.

First, it is important to know that Cummins and other reputable companies will not ask for confidential information or money during the application, recruitment or onboarding process.

Please be cautious of the following:

Emails from those you don’t know regardless of the logos and names visible in the email message.

A real Cummins recruiter (or any other company) would ask you to respond via their official email address. For Cummins, that’s an email address, and you can apply for positions via our official careers website.

When you are in doubt about the authenticity of the employer, use your favorite search engine to find out what you can about the employer, including their phone number.  Look for the business website which explains what they do and where they do it.  You can find this information via Google,, or other reputable web phone directories, or by simply calling Information.

Jobs and recruiters you find on social media because fake profiles can be easily created and used to post “opportunities”.

Remember to verify that the recruiter or employer’s social media account is genuine before you apply. Check the number of followers and the dates of posts. Cummins recruiters will never ask you for personal information over social media.

Job postings or websites that seem to be from a legitimate employer, however, a scammer is fraudulently using the employer’s identity.

If you have any doubt about who owns a domain name, you can check one of the domain “whois” sites, like com to learn the “registrant” (owner of that domain name).  You can also verify the employer did post the job on the website in question by calling the employer’s phone number as mentioned above.

False jobs on legitimate job boards.

While the job board could be legitimate, the job may not be. Always remember to verify the website address (URL).

Never respond to any of the above with personal information such as social security number, bank account information, etc.  Until you have verified an employer and job are legitimate, do not use any contact information in the job posting or on the website.

To learn more about Working Right and a career at Cummins in your region, visit our Careers site at


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