Stationary Generator Sets Get Early EPA Approval

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Stationary generator sets get early EPA approval

The entire range of Cummins Power Generation’s stationary diesel generators (pictured left) has received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Tier 4 interim (4i) certification for the North American market.

Cummins Power Generation has engineered the industry’s only full range of large stationary generator sets to meet the EPA’s current 4i standards—and the stricter Tier 4 Final requirements effective in 2015.

The sets range from 680 to 2,750 kilowatts (kW), and include the industry-leading Mission Critical 2500 kW diesel generator set.

“Cummins has been a leader in developing technologies that meet all emission regulations ahead of their implementation dates,” said Tony Satterthwaite, Vice President, Cummins Inc. and President, Power Generation Business.

“I am delighted to announce that our Tier 4 interim certified generator sets are Tier 4 Final ready and fully capable of meeting the most exacting EPA requirements three years ahead of schedule,” he added. “Our customers’ operational flexibility is further enhanced with a clear roadmap to meeting EPA Tier 4 Final requirements in 2015.”

The EPA requires that all non-emergency applications be Tier 4i certified. Nonetheless, in certain locations, local ordinances may require that emergency backup generators also adhere to stricter emissions limits.

Because Cummins’ stationary diesel generator sets can be configured to meet requirements beyond Tier 4i if necessary, Cummins generator sets are available to comply with the most stringent emissions regulations.

To help answer questions on EPA’s complex Tier 4 regulations, Cummins Power Generation has launched a micro site at


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