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*Note: Srikanth Padmanabhan is the President, Engine Business at Cummins Inc. On Aug. 4, 2016, he joined Cummins leaders and thousands of Cummins employees unveil the newest products and technologies in Cummins’ 2017 engine lineup. Here, in his own words, Srikanth describes how Cummins employees around the globe are dedicated to Powering What’s Next. 


Our roots are in the industrial Midwest, but we create technology used to power iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, the Taj Mahal and Wrigley Field. Our technology, in the form of engines, software and services, power delivery trucks, fire trucks, school buses, pickups and generators that operate in every corner of the world. Our clean-air technologies also improve thousands of communities across the globe. It is not hard to see our technology in action!

What I want you to consider is that each technology starts with an innovative idea and behind that idea is a person, a person with passion. That passion can be in creating the application that innovates or supporting the environment where creativity flourishes.

Wow – to have 55,000 employees in 190 countries working together to Power What’s Next is inspiring. I truly feel the Cummins team cares about changing the world by making people’s lives better. Yes, our technologies have the ability to do that on micro and macro levels.

What fuels our people to Power What’s Next? I would argue that each individual brings his or her own purpose to Cummins no matter where they work in the business. It is essential our employees understand what powers them to come to work every day. This passion is what has helped a company that started almost 100 years ago in Columbus, Indiana turn into a global corporation that is able to power what’s next for the world again, and again and again.

My purpose is rooted in my love of working with teams and environments that are able to take one idea at a time and collectively turn them into outsized and significant outcomes that matter every day. Whether I’m meeting with a customer, discussing tomorrow’s technologies, ensuring corporate responsibility and sustainability are at our core or figuring out how we can make Cummins engines the most dependable product on the market, I am energized by the opportunity to work alongside others who share in our vision to Power What’s Next.

Earlier this month, we celebrated the launch of the 2017 B, L, X engine series. This is the culmination of thousands of small actions that Cummins employees do every day that, when aggregated, result in our ability to deliver something profound and meaningful.

Cummins is great because we are diverse and united. We understand that our products are born in the passion of each individual who can be part of a team that does great things. Cummins is truly positioned to Power What’s Next.

– Srikanth


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