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With our “Nominate A Hero” campaign, Cummins Power Generation has given your local heroes a chance to shine.

At Cummins, we care about communities. For nearly a hundred years we’ve been helping to ensure everyday life goes on as normally as possible, even after a major power outage. Whether it’s a tornado, ice or any other natural disaster, we want to be there for our neighbors and back them up when things look their darkest.

That’s why we asked people to tell us about some of the kind folks in their community who look out for their neighbors. The Cummins “Nominate a Hero” campaign simply asked people to nominate someone whose actions are worthy of a little recognition, and possibly a little cash. At the end of each month during the campaign, we selected the nominee we believed was the most inspiring, gave them $1,000 and a heartfelt thank-you.

As a way to get people to nominate their local heroes, anyone who filled out a nomination form was entered into a drawing at the end of the contest. The winner would receive a Cummins Power Generation home standby generator, ensuring them that when the electricity goes out, they’ll have a backup plan in place. A powerful motivator, indeed.

Here are the winning nominees:

Cummins Heros Program - Jeanie BollyJeanie Bolly: Mighty Mom

As a youth mentor at her local church for over 18 years, and as the proud mom of two amazing teenagers, Jeanie has been keeping tabs — 2 — on the kids in her neighborhood by being there when they need her. She lends an ear when they have something to get off their chest, offers a shoulder when they need someone to lean on, and checks in whenever she can. She’s simply an all-around amazing mom to every kid she encounters. Thanks to Jeanie, the hero, the future of her community is a bright one.


Cummins Heros Program - Dale SchuetzDale Schuetz: All American. All Hero

On any given day there are countless refugees from around the world fleeing dire situations few could scarcely imagine, many desperately trying to gain entry into the United States. Thanks to people like Dale Schuetz, the ones lucky enough to complete their epic journey to our shores have a real shot at achieving the American dream. Through his unending commitment to raising thousands of dollars, moving tons of furniture, and teaching families about their new, certainly confusing American culture, Dale helps to establish recent immigrants in their new country, creating a better life and a stronger society for everyone. Dale Schuetz: Community hero.


Cummins Heros Program - Steve CavanaughSteve Cavanaugh: Connecticut Salutes You. We Salute You. 

Steve is your classic jack-of-all-trades, and those skills have earned him a lot of respect in Connecticut. He’s earned awards for design and restoration, ultimately building a small empire, but not just for himself. Steve’s commitment to his community inspired him to focus on people in need, building homes and accessibility upgrades for disabled veterans through the House of Heroes CT Chapter (HOHCT.com). His team of over 100 seasoned and loyal craftsmen will vouch for him when we say that Steve is a true hero.


Cummins Heros Program - Allen TysickReverand Allen Tysick: Answering Prayers in Victoria

The southwest coast of Canada has a mild climate, a powerful draw to those forced to live outdoors. Thankfully there’s someone like Reverend Al willing to reach out to the Victoria, BC, homeless population. Rather than simply walking by and ignoring someone in need, the Reverend is there with a cup of coffee, a smile, and most of all, hope. Through prayer and good conversation, Al’s daily demonstration of humanity is an example for us all to follow. To the people of Victoria and the rest of the world, Reverend Al is a hero sent straight from heaven.

These four heroes are just a handful of the countless number of people who live their lives to help others. That’s why we’re keeping the “Nominate a Hero” campaign rolling into 2016. If you’d like to nominate someone in your life who you believe deserves the hero treatment, go to powertohomes.com/nominate-a-hero, fill out the requested information and stand by. You just might make someone’s day.

To all the heroes out there: From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for caring.


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