National Treasures: From Mount Rushmore to Your House

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What do the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore have in common? These national monuments are protected by Cummins standby power.

For the past eight weeks, Cummins Power Generation’s Residential and Light Commercial (RLC) segment has been running a National Treasures Consumer Campaign in five U.S. metropolitan areas. The areas associated with the campaign include Memphis, New Jersey via Philadelphia, Connecticut via Hartford, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale and Houston.

The vision for the National Treasures Campaign is to have a campaign worthy of Cummins’ heritage, innovation and reputation for dependability and reliability while featuring something distinct – something no other competitor can say with as much authority. The goal of the campaign is to generate awareness of the Cummins Power Generation brand and Connect Series™ products within the residential market.

The campaign showcases many national monuments to which Cummins Power Generation provides standby power and conveys a message of trust: Just as Cummins Power Generation has been trusted to provide standby power solutions for our national treasures, the Cummins standby generator can be trusted to protect homes, families and a way of life.

The five metro-area kick-off campaign includes over 3,000 cable TV spots and 35,000 radio spots, along with targeted ads on various digital media channels.

For more information on the National Treasures campaign, including product overviews, literature and other resources dedicated to the Residential Light Commercial (RLC) segment, visit and

The Cummins National Treasures campaign runs through Sunday, Sept. 14, 2014. You can view the National Treasures commercial on Cummins Power Generation’s YouTube channel.


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