Miller Award Winners Demonstrate Commitment to Cummins Vision, Mission and Values

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Miller Award winners demonstrate commitment to Cummins Vision
Miller award winners (left to right) Jerry Liu, Neal Currier, and Shirish Shimpi flanked by Vice President John Wall, Cummins’ Chief Technical Officer (far left) and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Tom Linebarger (far right) at Cummins Management Conference.


Posted: Dec. 12, 2013

Eleven Cummins employees working in areas ranging from Corporate Responsibility to product research and development have been named J. Irwin Miller Award winners, one of the highest honors the Company can bestow on its employees.

“These winners reflect Cummins’ Vision, Mission and Values,” said Cummins Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Tom Linebarger. “They have made both a significant and a sustainable impact on our Company and have helped position us for growth.”

The awards were announced at the Company’s Management Conference, Nov. 20-22, in Indianapolis, Ind. The awards are named after J. Irwin Miller, whose visionary leadership for more than 30 years starting in the 1940s laid the foundation for Cummins’ success today.
The 2013 winners are:

  • Mauricio Rossi, of Guarulhos, Brazil, for the outstanding leadership he has exhibited since becoming General Manager at Cummins Emission Solutions (CES) in Brazil in 2011.  In the midst of trying economic times, CES achieved tremendous financial results while also making gains in diversity, corporate responsibility and safety.
  • Subramaniam Ravichandran, of Pune, India, for more than 30 years of outstanding work at Cummins, first as an engineer with the Company and then as leader of the Company’s Corporate Responsibility initiatives in India. Under his leadership, teams from Cummins India have consistently excelled in efforts to build stronger communities through improving education and the environment and by promoting social justice.
  • Mark Weber and Mike Miller, of Fridley, Minn., for laying the foundation for a partnership that has helped hundreds of people including children with disabilities by adapting technologies to help them live more fulfilling lives. Weber and Miller, working with other Cummins engineers, modify controls so people with disabilities can operate a variety of electronic devices.
  • Floyd Rutan, of Nashville, Tenn., for living the Company’s Value of Integrity for more than 30 years through some of Cummins’ toughest work assignments. For example, he played a key role in the development of Cummins Business Services, which today provides critical business services to Cummins employees in a way that is both effective and cost efficient.
  • Emily Foster, of Washington, D.C., for delivering outstanding Customer Support Excellence to employees throughout Cummins as the Company’s Director of Government Relations in the nation’s capital.
  • Jonathon White and Allison Gu, of Beijing, China, for playing critical roles in standardizing engineering practices in China through developing consistent value packages for customers as Cummins pursues its goal of becoming a truly global company.
  • Neal Currier and Shirish Shimpi, of Columbus, Ind., and Jerry Liu, of Stoughton, Wis., for living the Company’s Value of Innovation. They have made extraordinary contributions to Cummins and to the global knowledge of diesel exhaust emissions, particularly in developing sophisticated emission measurement systems and conducting detailed studies of unregulated emissions that may impact human health. Individually and together, they helped to establish Cummins as the world leader in emission reduction.


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