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Twenty-three Cummins Crosspoint generators helped keep the Super Bowl Village humming in Indianapolis, Ind.

Even amid the crowds at the Super Bowl Village in Indianapolis, Ind., it was easy to see how Cummins touched one of America’s greatest sporting events.

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Caption: Sustainability Editor Blair Claflin stands beside the Cummins generator near the zip line in downtown Indianapolis.

There were 23 Cummins Crosspoint generators throughout the six-block area of downtown Indianapolis that made up the village, transforming Georgia Street into a Hoosier version of New Orleans’ Bourbon Street from Jan.27 to Feb. 5.

The 23 generators, totaling 3.04 MW of power, supported lighting, video displays, heat, and food-prep as well as portable restrooms that won rave reviews from many village visitors.

In addition, two 500 kW rentals provided redundant power at the media center during the live broadcast of the game, one of the most watched sporting events in the world.

The festivities, by all accounts, were a huge success, drawing thousands of people to Downtown Indianapolis. Visitors to the village enjoyed multiple stages with live music, street performers, a zip line that attracted thousands of riders and much more.

With Cummins’ headquarters in Columbus, Ind. less than an hour from the heart of the action, the event was the source of immense pride for many employees who visited the festivities and saw Cummins’ generators throughout the village.

While most visitors were getting pictures taken in front of one of the attractions or the giant banners throughout the village promoting the big game, more than a few Cummins employees lined up for photos with one of the Company’s  generators in the background.


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