I Am #HeForShe: Cummins Indirect Purchasing Leader, Priscila Mendes

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March is Women’s History Month. To celebrate, we’re featuring an ongoing series of articles throughout the month highlighting gender equality champions at Cummins Inc.

These Cummins employees have each taken the UN’s #HeForShe pledge, joining over 1.3 million individuals who are taking action to create a gender-equal world. We’ll feature one profile a day starting Monday, March 6, 2017 through Friday, March 10, 2017.

The third Q&A in our #HeForShe profile series features Priscila Mendes, Indirect Purchasing Leader, Cummins Inc.

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Q. What is your motivation/reason to be an advocate for women and gender equality?

“Being the only woman in my engineering class in the first year in college gave me a very strong perception of how easy it is to feel forced to compromise on your style and perspective to “fit in.” It was not very different when I started working in the automotive industry. I believe we all lose when that compromise happens and I want to support women to feel valued and empowered to show themselves as they truly are and see the value that brings to the table.

I do not want to sit and wait for the world to realize that competence is not a privilege of one style over another or one gender over another. On a very personal level, I love my 14 year- old sister and I want her to find a better work environment than what I found when I started.”

Q. Do you have any words of advice/wisdom/encouragement for women in the workplace?

“Embrace who you are, show your talents and contribute always! Learn and teach continuously, support each other and help to build a better future to all of us.”

Q. What are some ways that men can be champions and advocate for gender equality?

“Speak up against bias and inappropriate behavior in different levels at any time. Do not be a quiet contributor to the status quo. Mentor talented women at work and help them succeed. Be proud of doing so and motivate others to do it as well. Push for a diverse pool of talent when you have an open position. Empower the women in your life! Help little girls understand that being a female is not a limitation. You can cry! You can help with the children! You can like pink! Gender inequality is not good for business. Act!”

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For more information on the HeForShe movement or to take the #HeForShe pledge, visit HeForShe.org. You can also follow the movement on Twitter and Facebook.


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