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Officials from Cummins and local government leaders attend a news conference on the expansion.

Innovation is critical to any company’s sustainability and one of Cummins’ most recent and significant investments in that area is an expansion of the Company’s test facilities at the Cummins Technical Center Charleston (CTCC) in South Carolina.

In November 2011, Cummins announced a $24 million investment over three years at CTCC to expand the research and development capabilities at the technical center. The expansion is expected to lead to the hiring of 31 new engineers, mechanical technicians and electrical technicians with the potential for more hires in the future.

“The expansion nearly doubles capacity at this site with state-of-the-art facilities to enable testing on diesel, pipeline natural gas and non-standard gas engines and help the Company in its drive to be the innovation leader in the industry,” said Jim Trueblood, Vice President – High Horsepower Engineering. “We are excited to be able to partner with the state of South Carolina and expand our testing facilities.”

The center will have the flexibility and capacity of running a variety of engines and test a wide range of fuels. With increased demand for natural gas alternatives, the High Horsepower group is investing in the future with the addition of six new test cells to allow engineers to develop and validate new Cummins products to meet ever increasing customer and regulatory requirements for clean burning technologies.

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Caption: Here’s a look inside one of the new test cells in Charleston.

Cummins has had operations in Charleston for more than three decades and currently employs over 900 people at two locations. The Cummins Technical Center Charleston is one of the Company’s 14 major technical test centers worldwide.

“This exciting news concerning the growth of the Technical Center in North Charleston is a gratifying testimonial to the Company’s faith in our workforce,” said Teddie Pryor, Chairman of the Charleston City Council, speaking at the announcement.

The CTCC was built in 1976 to support the manufacturing of Cummins’ K-engine. At that time, it was a state-of-the art facility dedicated to production testing. In 1985, the focus switched from manufacturing to research and development. Test capability was expanded to automotive and marine product development of a variety of Cummins’ engine platforms.

Unfortunately, over time, the number of these operational test cells declined to where only 10 of the original 20 cells were functioning.

Cummins Technical Center Charleston is preparing for the future by providing high quality, flexible test cell capabilities important to support the Company’s growth plans.


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