A fixed flat tire leads to customer loyalty at Cummins

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DearbornWe all receive a true test of our values and our commitment to Customer Support Excellence when faced with the opportunity to help a person we don’t know. Cummins Bridgeway’s Dearborn, Mich., USA, branch recently received just that opportunity and delivered.

Back in July, just outside the Dearborn branch on busy Wyoming Avenue, a car got a flat tire. The driver found himself in a very awkward situation. “The air came out of the tire almost instantaneous my only option was to pull in to your shop on Wyoming,” the driver said.

 Don Battles, a senior technician, helped bring the vehicle in to the branch. Don explained our safety procedures to the driver, repaired the tire, and sent the driver safely on his way. This simple act took only a short amount of time, but relieved the driver from danger, kept him safe while he was at our branch, and allowed him to continue on with his day. His identity remained unknown as he thanked employees and left the facility.

This act would have gone unrecognized, but it turned out that the driver was S. Evan Weiner, the President of the Edward C. Levy Company, one of the largest operators of equipment in Michigan, and a key customer. Weiner is also one of the major benefactors of the city of Detroit.

“I recall (former Cummins Chairman and CEO) Tim Solso teaching me that the real test of one’s character is revealed when nobody is watching,” says Greg Boll, President of Cummins Bridgeway. “ln this case, Donny Battles delivered his true colors while he believed nobody was watching. This simple act of caring is a victory in itself, but we received a derivative benefit by demonstrating our true values to this very key customer.”

Weiner was so impressed with the support that he sent a letter to show his appreciation.


“Don’s attention to me, his professionalism and commitment to safety are refreshing reminders of how lucky we are to have Michigan workers. lt’s also a reminder that employees reflect the culture and intentions of their employers. You should be proud of Don and your company.”

Congratulations and thanks to Don Battles and the Dearborn branch team for demonstrating how to truly unleash the power of Cummins one event at a time.


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