Employee Named Fellow of the Society of Automotive Engineers International

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Employee named fellow of the Society of Automotive Engineers International
Aleksey Yezerets (right) shakes hands with SAE International President Donald Hillebrand (left).


Aleksey Yezerets, Director – Catalyst Technology, has become the sixth person from Cummins to be named a fellow of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International.

“It is a very rare privilege for an engineer and researcher to be able to do exciting in-depth technical work, which has such an immediate impact on commercially successful products,” Yezerets said.

“I am also very fortunate to have had a chance to contribute to a number of aftertreatment technologies from their early conceptual stage all the way to their commercial application and product support,” he added.

At Cummins, Yezerets leads a corporate Catalyst Technology and Integration team, where he is responsible for guidance and support to emission control products at all stages of their lifecycles. He also coordinates a portfolio of collaborative research programs with several national labs, universities, and select industrial partners, which contributes to Cummins technical strength in the area of emission control.

“Perhaps most importantly, I am truly blessed by being able to work with an outstanding team of colleagues and mentors at Cummins, as well as with some top-notch academic and industrial collaborators,” Yezerets said

SAE Fellow is the highest grade of membership bestowed by SAE International, according to the organization. It recognizes outstanding engineering, scientific and leadership accomplishments by an individual that have resulted in meaningful advances in automotive, aerospace and commercial vehicle technologies. The program, established in 1975, recognizes an average of 20 recipients worldwide each year.

Past SAE International Fellows from Cummins include:

  • Dr. Julius Perr (1931-2005), Cummins most prolific inventor, who was named a fellow in 1992.
  • Dr. John Wall, Cummins’ Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, who was named a fellow in 1993.
  • Vice President Steve Charlton, who was named a fellow in 2006.
  • Vice President – Research and Technology Wayne Eckerle and Ric Kleine, Vice President – On Highway Business, were named fellows in 2010.


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