Cummins Young Engineers Club with LEGO® Engine Replica Visits Notre Dame

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The replica QSK95 Engine made up entirely of LEGO pieces.

The Cummins Young Engineers Club visited the University of Notre Dame on January 28. The club is designed to motivate and inspore pre-college students to excel in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (better known as STEM).

The visit supports the “Automotive Road Show,” which involves a number of businesses from the automotive industry showing students the industry’s newest innovations, technology, prototypes and vehicles.

In addition, the Young Engineers Club, consisting of pre-college STEM Students, college engineering students and Cummins engineers, will took part in building a LEGO® replica of the Cummins QSK95 engine. The replica is a 4 foot x 3 foot x 2 foot model of the Cummins high horsepower diesel engine and requires approximately 30,000 LEGO® bricks.  Building the engine replica fosters a collaborative environment where the students and engineers share stories and experiences about engineering.

“Our Young Engineers Club continues to connect Cummins engineers with STEM students and their families through interactive play and discovery,” said Richard Whitney, Global Employment Brand Leader at Cummins. “Many engineers of all ages enjoy the creativity involved with LEGO® models and bricks, and this program is a unique way for STEM students to interact with succuessful engineers.”

The LEGO® QSK95 engine travels around the country, creating excitement at events on college campuses, diversity career fairs, as well as the Cummins headquarters in Columbus, Indiana.

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