Cummins Sets Community Service and United Way Records in 2013

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Cummins sets community service and United Way Records in 2013

Cummins South Africa Employees Ann Bennett (right, foreground) and Faith Hlengiwe Khawula (left), help convert a room into a math lab at the Kwa-Bhekilanga Secondary School in Alexandra, South Africa. The project is designed to raise math skills among students grade 8 to 10.

Posted: Feb. 6, 2014

Cummins employees set new records in 2013 for community service hours, helping students master math in South Africa, teach young women about thermodynamics in Poland and help people with disabilities get job skills in Minnesota, to name just a few of the projects.

In addition, the Company also set a new record for United Way pledges in 2013 as employees lived the Company’s Corporate Responsibility value to “serve and improve the communities in which we live.”

“I’m very happy that we had a number of projects around the world last year that made a real difference in people’s lives,” said Mark Levett, Vice President – Corporate Responsibility and Chief Executive Officer of The Cummins Foundation.

Levett said he was also extremely proud of employees’ response to the United Way.

“Giving to the United Way plays a critical role in building stronger communities and our people really responded,” Levett said.

Total hours for the year invested in community improvement activities through the Company’s Every Employee Every Community (EEEC) program increased from 222,617 in 2012, the previous record, to 308,783 in 2013, a nearly 40 percent increase. The EEEC participation rate increased from 63 percent of the Cummins workforce in 2012 to 67 percent in 2013.

Meanwhile, Cummins employees in North America set another record for giving to the United Way in 2013, raising nearly $2.8 million, about a 4 percent increase over 2012, which was also a record year.

In 2012, employees pledged a record $2.66 million, breaking the previous record of $2.5 million pledged in 2011. Since 2010, when employees raised $2.1 million for the United Way, donations have increased 33 percent.

The Cummins Foundation matches pledges dollar for dollar, so social service organizations in the communities where Cummins employees live and work will receive more than $5.5 million. More than 8,500 employees contributed to the 2013 campaign.

The United Way supports a variety of programs that address everything from homelessness and school readiness to initiatives that improve the lives of the elderly and feed people in need.

Outside North America, Cummins has launched matching gift programs in India, China and parts of the Asia Pacific over the last five years. Through voluntary payroll deductions, Cummins employees in these regions are also able to support local non-profits whose causes are meaningful to them.

Cummins’ Every Employee Every Community initiative started in 2005 when the Company was looking for a way to celebrate an ethics award it had received. Under the EEEC initiative, employees can work at least four hours on a community improvement project on company time and more if they have the approval of their supervisor.

Most EEEC activities are initiated by employee-led Community Involvement Teams around one of three global priority areas established by the Company. Cummins believes its employees are especially well positioned to make a difference in these areas:

  • Education – Improving the quality and alignment of educational systems to ensure that the students of today are ready for the workforce of tomorrow.
  • Environment – Ensuring that everything we do leads to a cleaner, healthier and safer environment.
  • Social Justice/Equality of Opportunity – Increasing opportunity and equity for those most in need.

Cummins has a rich history around community involvement, dating back to the Company’s legendary CEO J. Irwin Miller. Miller believed building stronger communities ultimately resulted in stronger markets for Cummins’ business and that a company was only as strong as the communities where it did business and where its employees lived and worked.

Cummins sets community service and United Way Records in 2013_1

Students use the math lab at the Kwa-Bhekilanga School.

The project engaged employees throughout the Company’s operations in South Africa. Employees did everything from building furniture for the math lab to renovating the space and tutoring students.


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