Cummins and Schneider Electric Sign Corporate Responsibility Partnership Agreement

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Cummins has a history of strengthening the communities in the areas in which they operate from. This dedication to local communities is continuing through a new corporate responsibility partnership with Schneider Electric.

In July, representatives from both companies signed a Joint Declaration to signify their intent to collaborate on community improvement projects across the globe. This agreement creates collective impact that will improve how both organizations address environmental challenges. It will also promote technical education and spread access to affordable, clean energy.

Cummins and Schneider Electric have a strong business relationship having worked together on many paralleling switchgear and generator set installations in more than a dozen countries. Beyond their shared business interests, both companies have similar values and commitments to improve communities around the globe.

Prior to this partnership, both companies partnered on Cummins’ Technical Education for Communities (TEC) program. Tec is a coalition-based vocational education program that is designed to increase access to better jobs. Schneider Electric and Cummins have collaborated at the Tukey TEC site since 2014. As part of the partnership, the organization supplies equipment, develops curriculum and provides a workplace for students to learn.

This corporate responsibility partnership is a natural next step to augment the business relationship. Together both organizations can achieve greater impact on environmental challenges and create a unique business partnership for the common good.

“This partnership will improve how Cummins provides resources and engages employees in corporate responsibility projects around the globe,” said Mark Levett, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility and CEO of the Cummins Foundation. “Working together, Cummins and Schneider Electric can use our global footprint, and the strength of our employee’s skills, to drive even greater change in our communities.”

Schneider Electric’s Francois Milioni, Director Training – Program “Access to Energy” concurs. “We share a belief with Cummins that as organizations with expertise and scale, we have a responsibility to actively support efforts to improve our communities and our world. By joining forces to further animate this belief, we will be able to do more collectively than we could individually and increase the positive impacts we can make for our society.”

In addition to TEC, the two organizations plan to collaborate on Schneider Electric’s Access to Energy program, which aims to spread access to reliable affordable and clean energy.  There are also plans to work together on Power to Prosper, Cummins initiative to develop and scale electrification models that reduce barriers to economic growth in economically troubled communities.

Both companies hope this global collaboration agreement will provide a framework for future partnership models that help improve local communities.


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