Cummins Russia Fights Against Counterfeit Parts

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Counterfeit Cummins parts were proving to be a problem in the Russian market.

The Net Promoter System® (NPS) is a tool Cummins uses to measure, understand and improve upon customer feedback. In 2014, during NPS surveys, customers told us that Cummins dealers in Russia often face these counterfeit spare parts when a customer’s equipment would come in for repair. The parts appear to be genuine Cummins, but at a lower cost, which makes them pretty appealing to customers. But they lack the quality of the real deal and lead to frequent failures, which is not so appealing after all.


Olga Zhukova, from Cummins Russia OOO, wanted to solve this issue for the dealers and end customers. Her resulting project increased the sale of genuine Cummins spare parts through official Cummins channels, and made dealers and customers more knowledgeable about the troublesome counterfeits through brochures and training materials.

Because customers now know more about counterfeit parts and why they should be avoided, and Cummins dealers are actively involved in the fight against the sale of counterfeit parts, our customers can truly expect the high quality Cummins products that we have always promised.




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