Cummins Powers Couple’s Pan-American Adventure

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What do you get when you combine an adventurous couple, and a 1996 Dodge Ram with a 5.9 liter Cummins diesel engine? The trip of a lifetime – or at least the most challenging adventure so far for avid travelers Nate Larochelle and Sarah Paul.

“Dream Truck” driving through one of the rivers in Costa Rica
“Dream Truck” driving through one of the rivers in Costa Rica

After completing a different trip around the U.S. in Nate’s “dream truck” they knew it would provide the reliable performance and accommodations required for their Pan-American Highway adventure from Maine to Ushuaia, Argentina. Improvements made to the truck include a platform for sleeping and storage, as well as suspension for the challenging roads on their 30,000 mile journey – half of which is spent off-road.

Nate and Sarah have taken his Cummins-powered truck from sea level to 16,000 feet and from 115 degrees to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. And even in these extreme conditions the engine starts right up each time he turns the key. Nate does the majority of maintenance and work on his truck, which has 190,000 miles, himself with ease.

One of the most memorable experiences involving the truck was driving through 11 small rivers in the Costa Rica jungle to enjoy time on a remote beach. They noticed on their return trip the rivers depth had nearly doubled due to rain in the mountains. Although the hood of the truck ended up in the deepest river, they were able to power through. With performance like that, who knows where this trio – Nate, Sarah, and Truck – will go next.

You can continue to follow Nate and Sarah on their Pan-American adventure at

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