Cummins Power Generation Helps Myanmar Open Up for Business

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Cummins Power Generation Helps Myanmar Open Up for Business
Cummins has learned many lessons working to power cell phone towers in remote parts of Myanmar.


Imagine a nation where only 25 percent of the population has electricity and less than 10 percent have a mobile telephone.

Then, the government begins to shift to a more democratic system, and a nation with an extremely limited infrastructure and no global reach is suddenly open for business.

Welcome to Myanmar, where Cummins Power Generation has been working with Irrawaddy Green Towers (IGT) since September, 2014, to supply battery hybrid and diesel generator solutions to power hundreds of new cell phone tower sites. Two-thirds of those sites are off the country’s insufficient power grid and located in remote locations.

“With Cummins equipment working on these cell towers, we are empowering people in Myanmar to get connected to the rest of the world,” said J.P. Singh, marketing manager for the project.

Myanmar is pushing to grow from 10 percent penetration earlier this decade to 80 percent by 2016. IGT contracted with Cummins to supply and install a power package that includes a generator, hybrid control and renewable battery pack.

The battery hybrid model can cut the time the generator must run by more than half, extending its life by as much as two-thirds and significantly lowering diesel fuel usage and carbon dioxide
(CO2) emissions.

The installation of these power packages have forced Cummins to adapt in ways that will benefit the Company as it enters other markets with underdeveloped infrastructures.

Small changes can make an installation much faster as the components travel to a remote projects where local residents must sometimes be enlisted to help clear a path to the installation site.

That’s why engineers working on the Myanmar project added forklift slots and eye bolts to the generators to make transportation more uniform and efficient. These design changes have since been used for a rollout in Ethiopia.

“We worked hard to develop technologies that are helping to open up the telecommunication market and connect a nation to the world,” said Alan Zhao, director of the telecom business at Cummins. “Through that process, we’re also learning on a continuous journey how to make our product better and prepare for future projects.”


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