Cummins Marine offers dependable power on the water

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Marine_4Cummins provides power all over the land. We also provide it on the open waters as well. Cummins has a very strong history at sea and Cummins Marine is the driving force behind that segment of Cummins.

Cummins Marine offers different types of power solutions in propulsion, auxiliary as well as gensets. There are also premium options to help customers manage the cost of operation, reduce maintenance and tailor the engine for a specific application.

In propulsion, Cummins Marine offers a complete line of variable speed propulsion solutions from 230-2700 hp (169-2013 kW) designed specifically for the challenges of commercial marine applications. Our propulsion line includes the mechanical K and N Series and the electronic Quantum Series. Both the N Series and the K Series have proven reliable and durable in tough marine environments for over 25 years.

For auxiliary power, Cummins Marine offers a complete line of constant speed auxiliary power solutions from 104-2547 hp (78-1900 kW) designed specifically for the challenges of commercial marine applications. And because we understand customer needs and operating conditions vary, Cummins also offers custom diesel electric genset packaging through our distribution channel and Commercial Marine Center of Excellence.

Cummins C Power marine gensets offer optimum durability and functionality for primary ship’s service and diesel-electric applications. Designed specifically for the challenges of the marine environment, each C Power genset features a Cummins base engine and alternator that are globally recognized for quality standards.

Every major component of a C Power generator set, including the engine, alternator and control system, is either designed and manufactured or integrated by divisions of the Cummins family. This means all elements of the C Power generator set are engineered to operate with complete system harmony for optimal performance and maximum efficiency.

A big thanks to all of the great work Cummins Marine does!


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