Cummins generators offer convenience for those living the RV lifestyle

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It is summer in the United States. The air is warm and everything is green. While the majority of families live in or around cities, the voyage to the great wilderness, like our early settlers, is still a great pastime. However, one would have to believe that the early settlers would love to travel in the comfort of their own home while making those long voyages. With that, I present to you the recreational vehicle more commonly referred to as the RV.

Like most everything else, the earliest forms of portable living can be traced back to Europe. Wagons that were built to live in rather than just transport materials began in France around 1810. Circuses started using the livable caravans in England around the 1820s. The early pioneers in America used similar travelling caravans.

By 1920, the RV resembled closer to what we currently see in the United States today. The first units were trailers pulled by a vehicle and were mainly built out of small garages or even in backyards. The 1950s revolutionized the RV industry by making mega-RV’s that were much more immobile yet much more spacious. Today, RV’s range in size and scope but all allow travelers the same convenience: a home on wheels.

While there are campgrounds where travelers living the RV lifestyle can recharge their batteries, some travelers like to go on excursions into the wilderness closer to their favorite remote fishing pond or hiking trail. In that case, you need something dependable taking you to that remote spot and plenty of power to maintain that comfortable lifestyle an RV provides. For that, Cummins is your one-stop destination.

People primarily buy generators because they want air conditioning. That is the primary driver according to Alvaro Camargo, Cummins Marketing – RV within the Power Generation Business Unit (PGBU).

With the battery powered RV’s, you always have to find a place to plug in and recharge the battery which can be a hindrance and an inconvenience.

“One thing that we offer with our generators is convenience,” said Camargo. “They allow you to travel further, longer and last longer than a battery. With a generator, once it is installed you basically push a button and you have power.”

PGBU offers three different types of generators specific for RV’s: diesel, gasoline and propane. Each one is specific to which type of RV you have. The gasoline and propane is used primarily for pull behind RV’s while the diesel is used for the bigger, compact RV’s.

Camargo said that if you take good care of your generator, it can last you 5-10 years. One tip for maintenance on your generator is to routinely start it even if you are not traveling. It is also a good idea to get it serviced twice a year.

Cummins offers the power to feel right at home any place you go. Check back later this week for other stories around our RV market.


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  • Gary Olson says:
    July 24, 2013 at 11:36 pm Reply

    I have a 5CCK in the garage…suspect it might be a little more than 10 years old. Take care of those green guys and they may never die…

    • Flavio Mello says:
      July 26, 2013 at 2:42 pm Reply

      The legendary Gary Olson. Very happy to hear from you over here. You are right, take care of the little green guys, and they won’t let you down! Take care!


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