Cummins Employees Put Their Artistic Skills To Work

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It was everyone’s favorite artist and television host, Bob Ross, who frequently instructed his fans to find their inner Picasso and paint “happy little trees.” So in the spirit of Mr. Ross, 25 Cummins employees from Indianapolis and Columbus recently put their artistic skills to work by participating in a mural painting event sponsored by Cummins’ Indianapolis Community Involvement Team (CIT) and the Downtown Indianapolis Resource Group (DIRG).

Twenty-five Cummins employees dedicated a total of 100 hours for the beautification project.
Twenty-five Cummins employees dedicated a total of 100 hours for the beautification project.

The two groups partnered with Reconnecting to Our Waterways (ROW), a grassroots initiative designed to reclaim the benefits of Indianapolis’ waterways and provide opportunities for physical, human and economic development. ROW began in 2013 with the goal of leveraging leadership and financial resources to help strengthen neighborhoods along Indianapolis’ main creeks, canal and river to make them more attractive for residents, and in turn inspire economic development and create a sustainable environment.

The mural painting was aligned with ROW’s effort to create an inviting atmosphere to help attract people to the Pogue’s Run neighborhood on the near eastside of Indianapolis. The mural is located near the Pogue’s Run Waterway, and helps create an aesthetically pleasing environment that will help sustain and conserve the waterway connection.

The mural also contains an educational component. Designed by local artist Brent Aldrich, the mural represents stories from Pogue’s Run based on historical research.

A view of the mural before Cummins employees put the finishing touches on the project.
A view of the mural prior to Cummins employees applying the finishing touches.

“It was very exciting to see the amazing support from the volunteers, as well as neighborhood members, for this project,” said Zsofia Nagy, Global Emissions Compliance Leader and DIRG Operating Committee Leader. “The mural is located in an area that is an important gateway between the downtown Indianapolis and near eastside neighborhoods, so creating a welcoming atmosphere will positively impact the community. With the completion of the painting, neighbors and visitors will be attracted to the creek to enjoy art and nature at the same time.”

This was no paint-by-the-numbers job. By the time they completed the project, the 25 Cummins employees had dedicated a total of 100 hours for the beautification project.

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