Cummins employees give back, revitalize parks for local youth to enjoy

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Columbus, Ind., USA, Morningside Park after the rebuild.
Columbus, Ind., USA, Morningside Park after the rebuild.

From our headquarters in Columbus, IN, several Cummins employees worked to rebuild four local parks and the surrounding neighborhoods in partnership with the City of Columbus Parks and Recreation Department’s “Race 2 Play” community outreach project.

“Race 2 Play” is designed to refurbish neighborhood parks in Columbus so kids can play safely while accommodating families of all abilities. The project also focuses on keeping the neighborhoods surrounding the parks clean and safe for families to enjoy.

Cummins employees can participate in service activities during the day and earn work hours through the Every Employee Every Community (EEEC) program further enforcing our dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility. For this project, more than 250 employees earned more than 1,110 EEEC hours.

Cummins works to improve the communities in which they live to uphold our Corporate Social Responsibility value.

Employees from 10 Cummins sites helped improved the parks for those in Mead Village, Morningside, Pence Street and 9th street.

The Park’s Department project leaders said the organization was inspired to begin revitalizing the area parks by one of Columbus’ most famous residents, NASCAR driver and Mead Village native Tony Stewart. He has always expressed interest in creating places for kids of all abilities to play to help them stay safe, healthy and active.

Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle and HGTV’s Carter Oosterhouse joined Stewart in the project.

After the numerous hours Cummins employees logged, the four-park build was complete and now offers Columbus youth a place to play.

Good work team!


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