Cummins in the Community: The Willoughby School

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The Vision Statement of the Willoughby School in Bourne, Lincolnshire, UK reads:

To inspire every child to achieve excellence in their learning and personal development through creativity and innovation in a happy and safe environment.

It’s this dedication to learning and personal development through innovation that has made the Willoughby School such an important community partner of Cummins Generator Technologies (CGT) since 2007.

At Cummins, corporate responsibility is one of our core values. We believe our employees should “serve and improve the communities in which they live.” It only makes sense that for nearly 10 years, Cummins Generator Technologies would partner with a local school that’s dedicated to meeting the needs and improving the lives of children with severe learning difficulties. At the Willoughby School, their ethos is simple – for each child to achieve.

“If we can make any child one foot taller in confidence and ability and the opportunity to find something meaningful and enjoyable, then we’ve done our jobs.” – Adam Booker, The Willoughby School

Alison Snell, Executive Sponsor, Cummins Generator Technologies Community Involvement Team (CIT), recently interviewed Adam Booker, Head Teacher of the Willoughby School for CGT’s Cummins in the Community YouTube series. In this interview Adam discusses how the Willoughby School became a community partner, how Cummins has been involved, and where the Cummins/Willoughby partnership will be three to five years down the road.

For more information about the Willougby School, visit their website or follow them on Twitter @WilloughbySchl.


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