Cummins CEO Tom Linebarger shares advice with summer interns

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Cummins CEO talks to the more than 200 interns spending their summer working and learning about Cummins.
Cummins CEO talks to the more than 200 interns spending their summer working and learning about Cummins.

More than 200 interns gathered last month in Columbus, IN to hear Cummins CEO and Chairman Tom Linebarger share his words of wisdom to guide them through their summer internships.

Those interns who are unable to attend presentations by Cummins leadership members watch the event via live Web stream made possible by Global Recruiting.

The crowd was interested to learn that Tom, too, began his career at Cummins as an intern. His first job with the Company was working on the Dodge Ram pickup, which he said helped him learn about the foundation of the business.

After working as an intern, Tom joined Cummins full time to work as a Product Manager in the Fuel Systems Plant where he managed 60 employees.

Like many Cummins employees, Tom had a unique academic background and skillset coming into the Company. A combination of technical knowledge, finance and government management led him to his position today as company CEO.

Many interns were curious as to what academic path would best prepare them for a job here at Cummins, to which Tom replied:

“There is no correlation between the type of degree you got, where you got it, and your success in the Company.”

Tom continued to express that while one specific career path won’t lead to success, creating your own career path will.

Later on, Tom explained the Five Growth Accelerators to help the interns understand the future of Cummins. With these accelerators, Tom said he was focused on leaving the Company better than he found it.

Tom left the interns with eight pieces of advice:

• Live our values
• Respect your own careers
• Be a lifelong learner
• Be the best employee possible
• Understand your business
• Build relationships at all levels
• Learn our processes, tools and methods
• Communicate

Most importantly, he said, was to learn as much as possible about Cummins and enjoy every opportunity the Company has to offer.

Cummins is a great place to intern so be sure and submit your resume to be an intern here. Who knows, maybe you could be the next Tom Linebarger.


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