Cummins attends 2013 ReMaTec tradeshow in Amsterdam

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ReMaTecAt one of the biggest remanufacturing tradeshows in the world, Cummins showcased their products along with 180 contributors during ReMaTec 2013 at the Amsterdam RAI in the Netherlands June 16 to June 18.

The exhibition, which is primarily a networking event for people working in automotive, industrial and heavy duty aftermath industries, celebrated their 12th anniversary this year.

Shawn Zwicker, General Manager ReCon Europe and Joint Ventures, said that as a leading remanufacturing company, the tradeshow was an important event for Cummins to attend.

“Many of the world’s leading remanufacturing companies participate in the show, and this allows us to network with many clients in one location,” Shawn said. “We are looking to form new partnerships with leading organizations that want to expand their own remanufacturing business.”

Cummins products on display included turbochargers, water pumps, injectors, fuel pumps and cylinder heads. An ISC ReCon® bus engine was also featured at the booth. Put simply, this engine helps a vehicle last up to 15 years without affecting performance, efficiency or reliability.

A Komatsu long block engine, meaning an engine that is nearly complete, and clean/dirty Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) were also displayed to promote Cummins remanufacturing service for other manufacturers. The filters are used to remove debris from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine.

After the event, Sergio Velasco, Parts Sales and Marketing Director for Cummins in Europe, Middle East and Africa, said the tradeshow helped Cummins distributors learn about remanufacturing opportunities and challenges they may face in the future.

“We also offered specific training sessions to our distributors about our ReCon products and Aftermarket Sales Skills,” Sergio said. “The 2013 ReMaTec has definitely been a turning point for our remanufacturing business in the EMEA region and we will see significant growth in the years to come.”


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