Celebrating Women’s History Month – Feeling Pride Within an Inclusive Work Environment

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Women’s History Month is a time for recognizing the central role of women in US history, for Cummins, it is also about highlighting the significance of diversity & inclusion. In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ve invited employees to share their personal stories, helping others to understand what this month represents, as well as the importance of an inclusive workplace year round.  

 Employee Highlight: Shivani Parekh, Systems Engineer, Cummins Emissions Solutions

Years at Cummins: 1.5 

“Women’s History Month is a month when we embrace the power of women in this world. Also, during this time we celebrate women’s accomplishments and struggles that have led them to create a difference in our society. For me, this is about acknowledging inspirational women of today and creating a path for women to grow successful in the future. Women’s History Month allows me to appreciate women mentors as well as be a mentor for young women who are focusing on a career in engineering.”

Understanding the value of diversity inside Cummins… 

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“Cummins is a melting pot – various people in terms of age, culture, gender and even experiences work together. As a systems engineer, I interact with team members with different technical backgrounds in terms of their education and work experience.  This has allowed me to be more cognizant and appreciative of the multicultural world around me.”

Feeling pride working within an inclusive environment

“Many times, I have been the only woman in the room leading and facilitating cross functional discussions. I feel proud when team leaders actively listen to me and provide me with honest feedback during these sessions. Additionally, outside of my current role, I am involved in the Cummins Women’s Affinity Group (WAG) that runs various outreach activities to promote women leaders in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. Being involved in multiple events such as WAG networking and Cummins Women in Technology conferences allows me to participate in success events for technical women at Cummins. Allowing women engineers to make a difference in the company makes me proud to work at Cummins. This motivates me to achieve my very best on a daily basis.”

Living your values at Cummins…

“Perseverance, integrity and diversity are values that I abide by. Cummins recognizes efficient work and interpersonal skills, both of which I use regularly. In addition to this, the diversity of people’s backgrounds and experiences help me build my professional and personal skills. These values are reflected in my professional interactions at work and networking interactions outside of work.”

 Learn more about how our employees make a difference and how you could make an impact at Cummins by visiting careers.cummins.com, and check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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