Celebrating Women’s History Month – Embracing diverse perspectives

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Women’s History Month is a time for recognizing the central role of women in US history, for Cummins, it is also about highlighting the significance of diversity & inclusion. In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ve invited employees to share their personal stories, helping others to understand what this month represents, as well as the importance of an inclusive workplace year round.  

Employee Highlight: Lauren Lynch, Technical Specialist – Product Engineer

Years at Cummins: 4

“Women’s History Month is special to me because it spotlights major influences and advancements by women that are invaluable to society.”

Understanding the value of diversity inside Cummins… 

Exterior facility photo

“In my role at Cummins, I lead new product development projects. While working on new product development, it is important that my team collaborates and shares diverse opinions.  Maintaining diverse opinions and problem solving approaches for next generation technology are essential for innovative design solutions.”

Feeling pride working within an inclusive environment

“During a business trip to the Cummins Technical Center India in Pune, India, I attended a design meeting where there were eight members present – all female and all engineers. This is not something that I have witnessed before. This was the first time I had experienced these odds and was excited to see the change in male to female ratio.”

Living your values at Cummins…

“The Cummins’ code of conduct and company core values align with many of my personal values. This one of the many reasons I enjoy working at Cummins.”

Learn more about how our employees make a difference and how you could make an impact at Cummins by visiting careers.cummins.com, and check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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