Celebrating Women’s History Month – Embracing Diverse Perspectives

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Women’s History Month is a time for recognizing the central role of women in U.S. history. For Cummins, it is also about highlighting the significance of diversity and inclusion. In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ve invited employees to share their personal stories, helping others to understand what this month represents, as well as the importance of an inclusive workplace year round.

Employee Highlight: Shirley Echeverria, Off-Highway Controls Group Leader
Time at Cummins: 5 years

“Women’s History Month is a time to recognize the strengths of women and embrace the diverse perspectives that women have to offer. Having a month that recognizes the importance of contributions women make to society, especially in fields such as politics and science, reinforces that you’re not limited by your gender, but how hard you are willing to work to achieve your goals. This gives hope to upcoming generations to continue to fight for what is right and never forget how far we have come. Women’s History Month is a time to focus on hope, redemption, and courage and to give recognition to the many women who deserve it!”

Understanding the value of diversity at Cummins…

“As a global company, it is very important for Cummins to foster diversity to create a competitive advantage in the market to remain successful. The company’s inclusive culture allows us to embrace all the talent the world has to offer regardless of religion, nationality, ethnicity, age, etc. In my role at Cummins, I am constantly working with customers to understand their needs and requirements. Having diverse perspectives is key to providing a great customer experience and to continuing to be our customer’s first choice. Our customers rely on the power of Cummins and hold us to the highest standard. Without diversity, Cummins would not be what it is today.”

Feeling pride working within an inclusive work environment…

“Seeing our teams unite to help others whenever a need is expressed is something I am proud to be a part of. At Cummins, each of us supports the other’s passion to serve, teach, learn, and work towards a greater well-being of the community around us. It proves we can and we are making a difference.”

Living your values at Cummins…

“At Cummins I am able to live my values each day. Integrity, equality, compassion, diversity, responsibility, and success empower me to navigate through challenges and accomplish things. Cummins allows me to continue to grow as a professional and offers me the chance to coach others in achieving success. I feel very privileged to work with a diverse and inclusive team in which I can constantly learn, use my strengths, and serve others.”


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