Celebrating Veterans Day – Maintaining Diversity in the Workplace

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Veterans Day is a time for recognizing the central role of Veterans in US history, for Cummins, it is also about highlighting the significance of diversity & inclusion. In honor of Veterans Day, we’ve invited employees to share their personal stories, helping others to understand what this holiday represents, as well as the importance of an inclusive workplace year round.  

Employee Highlight: Martin Wituszynski, EBU PQC Implementation Leader

“Veterans Day celebrates all the people that served in the military. Many of those who served were prepared to fight for their country but were not called upon to do so. On Veterans Day we thank all of them for their service and willingness to serve.”

Understanding the value of diversity inside Cummins… 

“Cummins appreciates different backgrounds, and the insights that all employee bring to the table. Creating a diverse team allows us to obtain input from people with different experiences. Obtaining varying perspectives ultimately leads to finding better solutions.

Feeling pride working within an inclusive environment

I am proud of work our Veterans Affinity Group did with Corporate Recruiting to attend military job fairs. Our Affinity Group actively works with Cummins Corporate Recruiting to increase our focus on attracting and retaining people with military experience. The effort has helped hire veterans to fill critical needs at Cummins.

Living your values at Cummins…

“Cummins has been very supportive of time off needed to fulfill my duties in the Air Force Reserve. Also, Cummins has allowed me to do the right thing and help put some of our veterans to work after they were done serving their country. The skills and experience that Veterans have brought to Cummins has had a positive impact on our company’s overall results.”

Learn more about how our employees make a difference and how you could make an impact at Cummins by visiting careers.cummins.com, and check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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