Celebrating Veterans Day – A Commitment to Core Values

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Veterans Day is a time for recognizing the central role of Veterans in US history, for Cummins, it is also about highlighting the significance of diversity & inclusion. In honor of Veterans Day, we’ve invited employees to share their personal stories, helping others to understand what this holiday represents, as well as the importance of an inclusive workplace year round.  

Employee Highlight: Brandi Kammel, Leadership Development Support Specialist

“I forget every year how special this day is to me until Veterans Day actually comes. It makes me teary eyed knowing and thinking of my sacrifice to this country that stands for so much. I think about my brothers and sisters that are making sacrifices by serving in the military as well as the families who are making the sacrifice by allowing their loved ones to serve their country. When I wear my uniform on Veterans Day I am representing the US military, not Brandi Kammel. I think of all the countries across the world that have looked to us and asked for our help because their people are dying from genocide or dictators. I picture all of the little children I saw while I was serving in Iraq who were so excited to see us because we gave them food, gifts and hugs. This year I will think about how united our military is even though our country may seem divided and what we as Veterans can do to help.”

Understanding the value of diversity inside Cummins… 

“Diversity brings in so many different ideas and perspectives. Without the diversity at Cummins or even in people’s life, they will not grow. I’ve traveled to many places and experienced so many good and bad things. This perspective allows to me to be open minded, listen and easily understand others. Because of this, I can speak and communicate better and I am able to learn more from others.”

Living your values at Cummins…

“Cummins and I share similar values. Because of this, it is much easier for me to work here. I appreciate that Cummins allows us to celebrate certain military days throughout the year because of Cummins diversity initiatives.”

Learn more about how our employees make a difference and how you could make an impact at Cummins by visiting careers.cummins.com, and check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.




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