Capturing Stories from the Past: Cummins Employees Compile Memories, Recipes in Sao Paulo

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More than 30 Cummins employees donated their time to visiting residents of Pedro Balázs Nursing Home and capturing their stories in the book "Life Stories and Gastronomy."

More than 30 Cummins employees, including the Cummins South America President Luis Pasquotto, devoted more than 200 hours of volunteer work to a corporate social responsibility project with a community partner.The project started in April when Cummins employees began visiting with the elderly residents at Pedro Balázs Nursing Home.

The result was a bilingual book, “Life Stories and Gastronomy” (in Portuguese and English), which includes stories and narratives written by Cummins employees that were based on conversations with the residents.

In addition to stories of love, overcoming challenges and life lessons, the book contains delicious recipes, ranging from codfish to brigadier – a traditional Brazilian chocolate dessert.

“The project idea arose after verifying the residents need for intense social contact. It was an amazing job that ended up being deeply moving and motivating to everyone that engaged in the project,” says Adriana Davanzo, Corporate Responsibility Leader at Vendas e Serviços de Motores e Geradores (CVSMG), a Cummins-owned distributor.

The nursing home, located in the neighborhood of Bairro do Limão, near CVSMG in São Paulo, Brazil, is a community partner of CVSMG.

Since 2010, Lar Pedro Balázs has been a Cummins community partner. There, CVSMG has performed several volunteer  activities, such as dance presentations, Italian food preparation and an Environmental Challenge project, involving organic vegetable gardening.

It is important to mention that all Cummins employees that participated in the project renounced copyrights to the book and all funds collected from the sale of the book will be donated to Lar Pedro Balázs Nursing Home.

The book launch took place at Cultura Bookstore on Nov. 30, and most of the writers and book protagonists were there to autograph copies. Already, more than 500 copies of the book have been sold.

The book is available through Livraria Cultura, a bookstore in Brazil. The cost is R$ 44,00 + freight.

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