281,000 Miles and Counting: Cummins Engine Stands Up to the Test

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Road and Track-March 2015
“The 5.9-liter, turbo-diesel inline six is a mule – a clamoring pile of pistons and torque.”

The following post highlights an article that appears in the March 2015 edition of Road & Track magazine. To read that article in its entirety, click on the image to the right or the links below. 

When Zach Bowman decided that it was time to ditch his 1978 International Scout, he had no intention of doing so for a truck with nearly 300,000 miles on the odometer. But one look at the 2003 RAM with a Cummins 5.9L Turbo Diesel sealed the deal, even though his intended purchase was never a Dodge or a diesel.

“About the only thing that didn’t need immediate attention was the drivetrain,” Bowman said. “The 5.9-liter, turbo-diesel inline six is a mule – a clamoring pile of pistons and torque. It’s loud and uncivil. It feels like it got lost on the way to the tractor plant and wound up in a pickup instead. I love it. I want to put one in my vacuum cleaner.”

You can read the complete first-hand account of how – and why – Zach decided to trade in his ’78 International for a Cummins-powered RAM in the March 2015 issue of Road & Track.

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